Animal Planet

Animal Planet

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One response to “Animal Planet

  1. 😦 It makes me cry to see betta fish in bowls…. They lie to people at the store in order to make more money, the truth is betta fish require 5 gallon tanks with heating and a filter…. A happy betta fish will constantly swim around and be constantly active. 🙂 I never see mine even take a rest.

    They will live WAY more than 3 years in a proper living environment where they wont be so depressed! I think it’s 5-8 years, and they live a life without getting as sick so often! They require a diet of 2-3 or more of the following:
    brine shrimp, pellets, flakes, etc. Don’t rely on blood worms they are only for a treat and not to be used often.

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