Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

Snakes are very fearsome creatures, even those that are not that poisonous. However, since these slithery beings are associated with their killing power, which causes fear and panic to everyone, their existence brings terror to anyone who sees them. Check this list and see if you can survive the horror.

10. Jararacussu

10. Jararacussu Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

Found hanging in the forests and trees of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay is the dark greenish Jararacussu. The color of its lower body has striking yellow, which makes it obvious on ordinary environments. With length growing to a maximum of over 3 meters, this snake has a lot of poisonous ammo with 800mg per bite, enough to kill 32 people in one shot.



9. Tiger Snake

9. Tiger Snake Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

Watch out when you are in the lands of Australia, particularly in Tasmania, Bass Strait islands, and New Guinea as there are Tiger Snakes that may be found in arid environments and in near human settlements on grassy areas and waterways. You cannot mistake its dark brown color with body that extends to a max length of 1.8 meters. It is known to be very aggressive when aggravated as it can produce poison from 35mg to 180mg per bite.

8. Multibanded Krait

8. Multibanded Krait Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

You cannot misjudge this for a zebra, as a Multibanded Krait is a very poisonous snake that cannot be belittled. One comforting info about these snakes is that they are rarely found on land, but are usually tangled on fishnets, victimizing fishermen in the process. They feed on frogs, fish, and other snakes, which make them famous in islands like those found in the South China Sea, Vanuatu, and Fiji. Their Alpha-Bungarotoxin is one powerful neurotoxin that can knock down people.

7. Yellow Jawed Tommygoff

7. Yellow Jawed Tommygoff Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

When you are living in farms and other cultivated lands, make sure that you do not have too many rodents at home as it may attract a Yellow Jawed Tommygoff to stay in one of your rooms. Also, be sure not to be too frantic when seeing one, even in the dark, as it has heat-seeking fangs that are accurate to the bite. When you are poisoned by its cytotoxic venom, expect that your skin, even tissues, will be burned in minutes.

6. Black Mamba

6. Black Mamba Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

You cannot dance with this baby as Black Mamba is the fiercest of its species, even feared all over the continent of Africa. Despite being called Black, it can also be found in other shades of brown, olive, and even yellow green. Be sure to have an antivenin handy when you are venturing in dense forests, as its bite is 100% fatal when you do not treat its bite right away.

5. Russell’s Viper

5. Russells Viper Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

Three rows of splotches, seeing it in a length of up to 1.5 meters is a sign that you are seeing the Russell’s viper, even close to death by the doors. It can be found in Sri-Lanka, Southern China, India, Malaysian Peninsula, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, dwelling in rain forests and farmlands. It is very irritable, thus it is encouraged not to bug it even a bit. Its hemotoxic venom can damage tissues and red blood cells upon contact.

4. King Cobra

4. King Cobra Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

The King Cobra has a disposition that goes well by its name. It is the biggest venomous snake in the world, plus it has wits in suppressing its anger from messing with other poisonous snakes, showing its superior intelligence. It grows very long averaging at 3.5 meters to 5.5 meters max, and can inject a large amount of neurotoxin in the system.

3. Philippine Cobra

3. Philippine Cobra Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

Despite of being small, the Philippine Cobra is one of the most poisonous snakes to exist in this planet, even overpowering the King when it comes to its destructive power. Just imagine that with a length of only 100 centimeters max, it packs killing ammo that cannot be mistaken for something small fry. It can be both friendly to snake charmers and deadly by its own remark.

2. Common Indian Krait

2. Common Indian Krait Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

The nocturnal Common Indian Krait is a very threatening concern, as its poison is 15 times stronger than that of a normal cobra. Be sure to guard your things when you are on camp as they find sleeping in tents, boots, and in bags, very pleasant. Its powerful neurotoxin cannot only cause poison, but it can also complicate breathing.

1. Inland Taipan

1. Inland Taipan Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

Taipan is a snake that is best described as death because of its very powerful venom that can kill people in just a couple of hours. It can inject over 110mg of toxin that can kill over 100 people and 250,000 mice in a single bite. They are often misunderstood as aggressive as they are very docile despite of their fame.


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